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"Our daughter works hard in a very competitive

private school. Judy gave her the support she needed to stay at the top of her class.  Ellen M. "

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"Our son needed to build his confidence. He was 

afraid to make mistakes. Judy helped him learn to take risks and learn to read with success! Barbara A." 

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Judy Tombacher is an independent learning specialist with a breadth of experience, teaching students who learn differently in private schools on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the public schools on the North Shore of Long Island. She has been helping parents and their children successfully navigate their academic world for 40 years.

Paving the Learning Path

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Judy Tombacher is available to provide personal attention that will help students with organizational skills, reading, writing, spelling and math skills, and she is available to consult with teachers as well as parents.

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  Judy Tombacher is Orton-Gillingham trained and uses a multisensory approach to help children achieve their goals.

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